Interior Doors

The interior doors are built from hard wood frames with a filling of honey comb paper or lightweight PWP (pressured wooden particles). On top of the wooden frames are mounted MDF sheets, which can be veneered, laminated, or treated with polyurethane paints. The surface of the doors can be flat or embossed with concave or convex decorative elements. All doors can be glassed. All types of glasswork are available without limitations upon sizes and forms.

The flat surface of the doors can be diversified with wide variety of decorative elements - embossed, inset or used in combination. The decorations can be milled, mould-pressed, or mounted on the doors surface. All types of glasswork are available without limitations upon sizes and forms.

Exterior Doors

Exterior doors are weather resistant. Nonetheless, long-term and problem-free use of the exterior doors is strongly dependent on their appropriate installation – in compliance with instructions on their positioning and assembly. An assembly method which eliminates the exposure of the doors to rainfall and direct sunshine is extremely crucial. That is why it is so important to provide a canopy roof above the doors, as this will significantly increase their problem-free life-cycle.

Our artisans exhibit great diligence during every stage of creation, from selecting the finest wood to precision cutting and hand assembly. As proof of reliable artistry, each door is backed by an industry-leading warranty

Interior and Exterior Doors Catalog

Garage Doors

Get inspired by our top selection of traditional carriage houses and contemporary garage doors.

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