Evolution, capable of enhancing the special value of space, with the integration of function, relaxation and social activities. The furniture and fittings, sharing a common architectural language in a dialogue of forms and colours, produce continuity, integration and synergy between the functional and living spaces.

Minimalist design and glamorous details, choice quality materials, an extraordinary variety of range and perfect functionality are the key features of our sophisticated furnishing projects, for the creation of original, contemporary, high-tech interior designs.


Products with a variety of opening systems , a huge assortment of materials and a trendsetting colour range, our office design projects are designed to delight different tastes, rich in new ideas and elegant solutions.

A horizontal and vertical system with specifically designed elements can also be used as a partition system between office spaces. It not only offers a great modularity, but, thanks to the sizes of its elements, it can also use the various possibilities of opening and closing spaces to the best advantage and can be adapted to the most disparate needs and situations.

Its flexibility makes it possible to design and create any “imaginable” office space solution in harmonious correlation with the functional areas.


Showrooms and retail areas are a combination between minimalist approach and contemporary furnishing solutions that unites essential lines for composing an aesthetic shopping environments.

Starting from the very impressive position of the free-standing display units, which are the true protagonist of the collections to the modules designed for the open wall-hanged base units.

Materials give body and expression to the entire furnishing system, for the line of open storage elements.


An elegant hotel room furnishing, where well-being and personal care needs are satisfied with an amazing rationality, in a context of immaculate beauty and exclusive style.

A modular programme of complete rooms, merged into a fascinating compositional variety, intended for international markets.

Our hotel furniture expresses a love of the classical, the dream of a unique, sophisticated taste, with luxurious solutions that underline a personal lifestyle.

Reception area

In the reception areas each unit has its own design project, personality and history. These are areas free from preconceptions, easily configured for the most widely varying spaces, including unusually shaped areas.

Our reception custom made units are giving you a free choice from a collection of architectural details, flawless functional features and ready-made solutions, to style what has now become the most open, vibrant area in the hotel.

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