Smart technologies

In addition to the structural heat insulation,
each house is equipped with the latest technologies
which makes a significant contribution to its energy efficiency.

Even in its basic configuration,
the house includes the following energy efficient technologies:

High-efficiency air-to-water heat pump
(pompe à chaleur) - latest generation

The principle is simple and ingenious. The heat pump uses the natural heat in the air that surrounds us all the time. This heat is extracted from its natural environment, compressed to increase the temperature and then transferred to the heating system. The use of air as a heat source has some advantages. There is no need of drilling or excavation, limiting the costs and greatly simplifying its installation.

Underfloor Heating

We install a modern underfloor heating system. It is a guarantee for comfort and efficiency: Surface heating is a low-temperature heating system. Due to the large heating areas, a low temperature level is sufficient to heat the whole building. Rooms are evenly heated by the radiant warmth of the floor. This pleasant warmth of the floor provides comfort and improves well-being. Heat loss is minimized when generating and distributing the heat through low-flow temperatures. In accordance with the Energy Efficiency Regulations all individual rooms/zones are provided and controlled by separate thermostat controllers.

Air Fresh automated room ventilation

This system monitors and controls the air flowing in and out of all rooms in order to preserve valuable energy. The ventilation unit is equipped with a high efficiency cross-flow heat exchanger which uses the heat of the exhaust air to pre-heat the fresh air from outside and thus directs a heated fresh air into the house. The system also includes a highly effective filter that keeps undesired particles and pollen out of the rooms. In this way further energy saving is combined with creating a pleasant and healthy indoor environment.

Photovoltaic system

With a standard Photovoltaic system of 10 square metre collector area, one could generate around 900 KW per year of electricity. This quantity is equivalent to approximately 25% of the consumption of a 4-person household. These days the Photovoltaic system allows us to lift your low energy house to a passive level and even higher – to an active house level, where you will be able to use the extra produced electricity for charging other appliances, your electrical car for example. This brings your house to the level of the revolutionary idea of having the Green and Eco lifestyle.

Smart Solar heating system

Most of the average household's energy use goes into heating water, including radiators or underfloor heating. A source of free hot water to use instead of commercial energy can make a dramatic financial saving. Solar Water Heating is the renewable technology of choice for most households as it offers a quicker payback. The efficiency and reliability of solar heating systems have increased dramatically, making them attractive options in the home.

Smart Windows and Sliding Doors

Windows and doors are the most common points of heat loss. The use of Double and Triple glazing reduces the amount of heat that is transmitted through the glass panes.Customers often look at the investment returns of windows and do not take into account the comfort, security and aesthetics they provide. The technology has advanced and now we are no longer constrained by white PVC and aluminium as the only colours available. Multi-coloured and wooden textured PVC are now at your disposal. Triple glazing is becoming more widely used these days, as customers and manufacturers aim to achieve ever higher levels of insulation and sound insulation.

Smart automation

Smart and easy control for greater comfort and energy saving. Upon request, we can make your house even smarter. With the SMART control technology, we equip the house with a network of communication devices. They can automatically regulate the use of light, heat and fresh air. SMART Control can interact with other family control systems, which offers further comfort, safety and efficiency in your house.

Smart Geotermal option

Ground heat pumps take advantage of the temperature difference between ambient air and that of the ground a few meters below the surface to create heat energy. Water is pumped through underground pipes, and a heat exchanger is used to extract the extra energy due to this temperature difference. The use of heat pumps in combination with underfloor heating is an effective way to extract heat energy from the ground outside and use it to heat the living space of your home. The temperatures needed for underground heating are not that great, only about 30-40 degrees Celcius which means that you do not need a powerful heat source such as a conventional gas boiler which runs its heated water at 80-85 degrees Celcius.

Sun Pipes

Channelling Natural Light.

Sun Pipes provide a novel way of capturing natural sunlight and reflecting it inside a tube to channel it into darker areas. These units are mounted on the roof or where there is a site facing the sun, and can be used to provide a diffused source of free ambient light to dark rooms on any floor, including basements. This type of technology is available with all Smart houses. We are able to source and incorporate this during the design period.

Rain water harvesting system

Water is becoming an increasingly precious natural resource with each person in Europe using 150 litres of water a day. Above ground rainwater harvesting systems for the urban 'built up' environment is a new innovation for Europe, but it is widely used in other countries. Rain water harvesting is an effective way to reduce the dependence on main supplied water and reduce metered water bills. It captures rainfall and stores this water in discrete storage. A rain water harvesting system comprises of a filter, storage tank, pump and mains valve that is connected to utilities and appliances to use rainwater for toilet flushing, laundry and garden irrigation.

Structured Insulation Panels (SIP)

Our Structural insulated panel (SIP) walls have been designed to maximise energy efficiency. The wall thickness is adjusted according to the climatic region. The wall materials have been optimised to achieve maximum thermal insulation. (SIPs) are one of the most airtight and well insulated building systems available, making them an inherently green product. An airtight SIP building will use less energy to heat and cool.

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